We Are Witnessing the Fall of Rome

This is increasingly the conclusion I come to when considering the current state of both American and world affairs. Everywhere you look the forces of disorder find themselves increasingly triumphant over the forces of order. The forces of order, the Nation-States, doom being that of their own hubris.

I've been reading ever more of William S Lind, one of the founders of 4GW theory, and what I read isn't good by any means. The articles I'm currently reading date all the way back to 2003, before the invasion of Iraq. They then go ahead and track our lack of progress in addition to tracking significant events around the world.

His most disturbing article to date, "Seeing Through the Other Side's Eyes," offers a glimpse as to why it is that the military forces of Nation-States are losing so terribly badly in their struggle against 4GW foes. The article itself recalls an interview with one of the leader in the Khobar attacks in Saudi Arabia in May of 2004.


What is disturbing about it is the confidence and seeming ease with which the attack was carried out. What made it so easy for them to carry out this attack was the difference in motivation between the militants and the security forces sent to kill them. The militants fought for a cause and believed, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that God was on their side. This makes them strong and bold, whereas the security forces are simply workers collecting a paycheck, who's job might just have them in a gunfight here and there. But they want no part of it regardless, essentially they fear death. The militants did not.

Lind picks up on some interesting points, "what stands out most strongly is its intense mix of ancient and modern." Something our forces fail to adopt, to our detriment. If it isn't new, it isn't worth putting in the budget seems to be our sense of war fighting.

"While the enemy was strong in numbers, they were also cowards: “We encountered forces that hastened to defend the Americans…Their great cowardice was evidenced by their behavior. They were very far away, and as we approached them they kept withdrawing and distancing themselves.”"

"On the other side, the reported cowardice of the state security forces illustrates a problem with hiring people to fight for a cause they do not believe in: “The tracer bullets frightened these cowards greatly…We shouted ‘Allah Akbar’ and ‘There is no God but Allah,' … and we broke through the first ring [of security], and the second, and the third.” Hireling troops often do not have much fight in them, as we have also seen in Iraq."

And that's really all I have. And it isn't happy.