Thoughts On the Gaza Offensive

First, it isn't an offensive. Offensives are pro-active, this is re-active. Unless Israel isn't being totally honest about its stated goals.

Second, the operation is wholly counter-productive to their stated goals. This leads me to believe that the leadership of Israel does not merely wish to stop largely ineffective rocket attacks against Israel, but to clear the Gaza strip of its Palestinian residents. The Israeli military is dropping propaganda leaflets which essentially say, "Flee for your lives, the Israeli military is coming" and they are allowing Gazan residents with foreign passports to flee without harassment, a shining example of Israels "commitment" to "humanitarian warfare." I have included the quotes as humanitarian warfare simply does not exist and if it did Israel most assuredly is not committed to it. Concurrently there are former Gazan settlers of Israeli origin burning for the opportunity to return to the homes their government forced them out of. Many of Israels soldiers are themselves settlers and view this assault as the first step to reclaiming that which they claim was taken from them. God apparently adores irony.

Third, signs are beginning to show that Israel, and its enabler the US government, may have bitten off more than they can chew. Muqtada al Sadr has called for attacks against US soldiers in Iraq in solidarity with Hamas. Rockets were recently fired from Southern Lebanon into Israel. With every civilian casualty Israel inflicts, it ratchets up the Arab worlds anger in addition to the international community.

The main point to be distilled from the latest outbreak of violence, in my opinion, is that the leaders of Israel have committed their country to the slow genocide of the Palestinian people in the name of greater Israel. Tragic irony.