Let's Get Ready to Rumble!

In the most awesome bit of news this entire year it turns out that the local Islamic militants in Somalia are going to try and duke it out with the pirates who recently hijacked a Saudi oil tanker filled with $100 million worth of oil. First of all, it's awesome that pirates even exist as they do in the modern day. Second, those pirates seem to have their shit down as when they're not stealing Saudi oil they pre-occupy themselves stealing Russian tanks. They're heavily armed and well equipped with all sorts of GPS navigation equipment and seem to have contacts with rouge elements of the government and have garnered the support of the local village populations. If they're smart about it they would take some of that $150 million they earned this year and give a little back.

Being it was a Muslim ship they recently stole this time it seems the militant minded Muslims have had enough and they plan on doing something about it. Kind of. Some of the militants are going to attempt to lay the smackdown for religious reasons, others just want a cut of that sweet $100 million. The hope is that the two sides meet and awesomeness ensues.

To make things even better, apparently Blackwater wants a piece of the action too. They are ready to go and even have their own patrol ship in the waiting. Given their particular level of brutality in the past any contact they have with either militants or pirates is going to escalate tensions between the three, and you expect things to get really ugly, really fast.