Women Have Been Able to Vote Since 1920

This just blew my mind when I saw it on Think Progress, so I just had to say something. On MSNBC's Morning Joe show this morning Andrew Card, former White House Chief of Staff, said this incredibly retarded thing,

"CARD: He (John McCain) selected her because she could motivate the base, excite people, and introduce women to participating in the process that really did not receive an invitation during the Democratic primary. So I thought it was a pretty exciting choice."

Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure women have been "participating in the process" since an amendment was passed into law in 1920 giving them the right to do so. Beyond that, it is also easily arguable that women have involved themselves in the American political process since long before that. Suddenly, however, it was Sarah Palin who introduced women to the political process? What about all those women in congress? The women who participate in their local governments on the state, county and city level? Did they know nothing before Sarah Palin was picked as a VP candidate?

It just blows my mind that he is ASKED to come on live, national television and prove to everyone that he has no concept of the struggles that took place in this country before May 10th, 1947. I wonder if he also knows that we fought a war against Fascism over in Europe, or does he think we're fighting it for the first time after September 11th, 2001?