Fundamentalist Free Market Capitalism

So while taking a piss today it suddenly occurred to me exactly why it is Friedman-ites would want to describe their economic ideology as being a force of nature rather than what it is: an ideology. The reason being it would serve their interest in justifying the gross difference of income currently present in America today. To explain why it is that a CEO of a major corporation is allowed to earn 400% more than the average employee. Currently on earth we see regions of vast wealth and vast disparity. Think of the rain-forest as your typical American CEO, the woodlands as being upper-middle class, the plains middle class and finally the desert being those living in poverty. That's a little basic, but you can extrapolate from there.

So on that level it only makes sense that those who represent the rain-forest would try to play off their pet theories as being only natural. It allows them to keep their vast wealth while taking no responsibility for those in the desert, despite the obvious plight of the desert dwellers in that they have no resources with which to become a rain-forest. Of course the obvious bit of logic those living in the rain-forest are missing is that humans created economics, not nature. Therefore it is subject to the will of mankind, not the will of nature and the universe.

So yeah. Just a random thought I had while taking a piss.