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Thoughts On the Gaza Offensive

First, it isn't an offensive. Offensives are pro-active, this is re-active. Unless Israel isn't being totally honest about its stated goals.

Let's Get Ready to Rumble!

In the most awesome bit of news this entire year it turns out that the local Islamic militants in Somalia are going to try and duke it out with the pirates who recently hijacked a Saudi oil tanker filled with $100 million worth of oil. First of all, it's awesome that pirates even exist as they do in the modern day. Second, those pirates seem to have their shit down as when they're not stealing Saudi oil they pre-occupy themselves stealing Russian tanks.

Women Have Been Able to Vote Since 1920

This just blew my mind when I saw it on Think Progress, so I just had to say something. On MSNBC's Morning Joe show this morning Andrew Card, former White House Chief of Staff, said this incredibly retarded thing,

"CARD: He (John McCain) selected her because she could motivate the base, excite people, and introduce women to participating in the process that really did not receive an invitation during the Democratic primary. So I thought it was a pretty exciting choice."

Undecided Voters

What are people's problems with undecided voters? Is it really so bad of them to be hard pressed to choose between two lackluster candidates? What specifically got me thinking about all of this was a recent article written by David Sedaris. I have never read anything from him before so I'm not terribly familiar with his writings at all, but, reading the article I felt he was speaking in a very condescending tone towards the undecided voters.

Fundamentalist Free Market Capitalism

So while taking a piss today it suddenly occurred to me exactly why it is Friedman-ites would want to describe their economic ideology as being a force of nature rather than what it is: an ideology. The reason being it would serve their interest in justifying the gross difference of income currently present in America today. To explain why it is that a CEO of a major corporation is allowed to earn 400% more than the average employee. Currently on earth we see regions of vast wealth and vast disparity.